1:00pm- Show Opens
1:30pm- Welcome for our Host

1:37pm- Flag Dance Team- Ambassadors of America

1:44pm- "Natural Beauty"

1:51pm-Haught Kandy (Runway)

1:58pm- Yanbal (Runway)

2:05pm- Interpretes Unidos De La Musica Ranchera

2:12pm- Interpretes Unidos De La Musica Ranchera

2:19pm- Interpretes Unidos De La Musica Ranchera

2:26pm- Business Intros

2:33pm-stefanne azzah kohl (Dance)

2:40pm- Time to Shop

3:17pm- Anti Bullying Radio Show (Speaker)

3:24pm-  Lula Roe (Runway)

3:31pm- Color N' Grey

3:38pm- Trampalina Fashion (Runway)

Showroom Map

Show Schedule 

3:45pm- Keeping Teachers Teaching (Speaker)

3:52pm-   Traci Lynn (Runway)

3:59pm- Lit People Runway

4:06pm- El Belenciano (Music)

4:13pm- El Belenciano (Music)

4:20pm- El Belenciano (Music)

4:27pm- Speaker

4:34pm-  Hair By Peair (Runway)

4:41pm- Desgins By Royalty (Runway)

4:48pm- Model Contest

4:55pm- Model Contest

5:02pm- Model Contest

5:09pm- Model Contest (Stylist)

5:16pm- Announcments for Contest

5:23pm- Awards/ This Show is a Wrap!!!