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Just Good Business - The Film

Hello Everyone,

My name is Tiffany N Benson and I'm putting together my first film for Arabella Productions.  Over the  past 5 years Arabella Models Image Consulting has prepared to fully launch our Productions Department.  We have already found success in 2 International Magazines and tons of Live Events that occur throughout the year.  Now for our final step we will be launching our Films and TV Series.  Just Good Business is an action pack film about a Business Owner with a Mafia Style approach to running her business.  “Don’t take it personal….It’s Just Good Business”
Our Film is not only going to provided jobs for our local AZ Actors but it will also provide more advertisement and exposure AZ’s Local Small Businesses.  Just Good Business will be shot through Arizona only and instead of using mainly indoor sets, we will shoot mainly at Small Business and local AZ Attractions to build more awareness throughout our community.

For our film we are looking to raise $50,000 for the following
~Paying our AZ Local Crew (not only film crew but hair and makeup stylist and clothing stylist)
~Paying AZ Actors
~We will be using around 20-25 actors in AZ and over 60 Extras

~Items needed for set
~Clothing for Actors
~Props (weapons, car rentals, etc)
~Filming Location rentals
~Marketing of our Film
~TV Commercial
~Trailers for Film
Your contribution will not only provide for all of the above but it will help us with Team Arabella’s main goal.  Building Awareness and Jobs for our community.  Please check out our perks that come with your donation not only will be provide fun swag but also we will provide chance for you and your business to be apart of our film.  If we are not able to reach our entire goal we will use the funds to help put on live events to raise the rest of the funds needed.

The Impact of Just Good Business
Just Good Business was written to describe the struggles of business women.  Even though we are said to be equal in the world of business it doesn’t always feel that way.  Just Good Business is based off real stories of Lady CEO’s that have fought their way to the top.  And just for action, fun, and comedy we added a mafia twist.  Well when I think about it the mafia twist is not that far off from real life =).  
Our Goal is to create a full feature film that really puts our state of AZ on the map for films.  We are attempting to compete with the “Hollywoods”  and this poses new struggles (and more ideas for Just Good Business
Our biggest hurdle will be making sure all of our staff and actors are paid.  Many of our AZ Actors have a hard time finding paid work in AZ because there are not that many major projects going on in AZ.  We plan to create an amazing film and then more after in order to provide our AZ Talent with more on-going jobs.  

Other Ways You Can Help
We know some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help:
Share our Indie GoGo on Facebook, IG, and Twitter and tag at least 3 people.
Tag a business that needs some advertising
Share our Casting Calls, we are looking for the best!!!

$1000 of $50,000 has been raised 

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