Stable Shoot

Ponderosa Stables

10215 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85042

April 29th, 2018     11am to 2pm

This shoot is an open concept shoot.  Hair and Makeup is not included for models.  We will have on-site Hair and Makeup Vendors you can book before the shoot date. (They will charge their own cost)  Cost for this shoot is $25 for models and photographers.   We will be shooting outside but there bathrooms where you are able to change. 

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Pin Up Shootout

Models- 1. Tiffany N Benson 2. Brooklyn Lord 3. Ellisha Fears  4. Kameryn Davis 5. Marie Lou 6.Daetriel Ortega'King-Bey 7. Ransom Coronado 8.Trenise Miller 9. MissRed 10. Cielo Carrizales Silva 11. Cisco Coronado 

Photographers- 1. Roland Reed   2. James Pruss 3.Darci Cosgrove 4. R-Chriss Lay  

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Arabella does not guarantee photos or levels of photographers and models.  Our events are open to everyone and all levels and types.

Model Spots

1. Tiffany Benson 2. MissRed 3. Nichelle Garnes 4. Faith Hill 5. Kameryn Davis

6.Danielle Nicole 7.Selene Fernandez 8.José Manuel Mercado 9.Miguel Aldaz 10.Mario Garcia 11. Alfredo Avila 12. Nacho Miranda 13.Cielo Aubee 14.Maria Lu 

Photographer Spots

1. Darci Cosgrove 2. James Pruss 3. Chriss Lays 4. Joseph Gutierrez   5.

Pick A Pass

Head Shot Day

 Brooklynn Lord, Nichelle Garnes, Julia Archila-Johnstone, Peair Scott, Darryl Gooden

Mountain Shootout

Models- 1. Tiffany N Benson 2. Chyna Roberts 3. Nichelle Garnes 4.Min Rose Wento 5. AnitaMichelle   6. Staceye Beatty 7. Daetriel Ortega'King-Bey 8. Zamarria Stallings 9. Jalen Walker

Photographer 1. Roland Reed   2. James Pruss 3.Dennis Larson