High Fashion Hair Shootout Ft- Hair By Peair (All Ages) - Cost $40

South Mountain - Phx, AZ

​March 24th, 2019 11am to 2pm

Join us for our High Fashion Hair Shootout at South Mountain we will be shooting High Fashion Hair by Hair Stylist Peair Scott.  Shoot includes hair only.

Models List: 1) Ellisha F. 2) Tiffany B. 3) Zoe N. 4)Athena C. 5)Aaliyah C 6)Erin H. 7)Alyssa Ceasar 

8) Desiree Reed  9) Cataleya 10) Julia  11)Shania Bracken 12) Brooklyn Lord 13)Ona Mills 14) Jasmine Guerra 15)Montanna Coil

Photographer List 1) Roland Reed 2)James Pruss  3)Darci Cosgrove 4) 

Head Shot Day (All ages) - Cost $50 

Kiwanis Park- 5500 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85283

May 18th, 2019 11am to 2pm

​Join us for Head shot Day at Kiwanis each talent will receive 4 Head shots (1 B/W, 1 Colors, 2 Character) .  Get creative and let's have fun.  Shoot does not include hair and make up.
Models List: 1)Alyssa Ceasar 2)Zoe N.  3)Athena Coleman  4) Aaliyah Coleman  5)Cataleya  6) Julia  7) Robert Quigley  8)Quanesha Straughter  9)Ona Mills  10)Shania Bracken 11) 12) 13) 14) 15)
Photographer List 1) Roland Reed 

Join the Arabella Team for a fun shoot or workshop.  Build your portfolio and network with those in the same industry.  

Arabella does not guarantee photos or levels of photographers and models.  Our events are open to everyone and all levels and types.