Those who attended "Mountain Shootout March 17th"

Models: Tiffany N BensonLeisele Sheeran,  Miss BaileyBoop,  Daetriel Valient-BeyIzzy GraceAva Essler,  Brooklynn Lord​, Stephanie Miller 

Photographers: Dennis Larson, Scott HallGladys Marietti

Model List (15 spots total)

1. Tiffany N Benson  2. Stacey Beatty    3. Nsombie  4. Daetriel Valient-Bey   5. Ms Racheal J    

6. Miss BaileyBoop 7. Brooklynn Lord  8. Claude DuMonde  

Photographer List (5 total Spots)

1. Roland Reed 2. James Pruss  3. Chriss Lay  

Headshot Shootout- All Ages

Tempe Center for the Arts
700 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281

Oct 15th, 2017     10am to 12pm

This will be a members only event for talent and it will be shot by Arabella Photographer Roland Reed

Member sign up here


Model List (13 spots total)

1. Tiffany N Benson 2. Ms Racheal J  3. Nsombi Bates  4.  5.  6.  7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 

Photographer List (1 Spot)

1. Roland Reed   

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Those who attended "Stable Shootout April 22nd"

Models: Tiffany N Benson, Leisele Sheeran, Miss BaileyBoop, Daetriel Valient-Bey,  Olga L Garcia,  Winter Johari, Sam Darci

Photographers: Roland Reed, Timo James

Annual Lake Shootout- All Ages

Canyon Lake

Mesa, AZ 

Aug  27th, 2017     9am to 1pm

Cost $25 for Model and Photographers

This shoot is an open concept so be creative and we will be having a picnic.  Hair and Make up is not included for models, there will be an onsite MUA Vendor that models are able to make an appointment with. Member sign up here

     Model/Photographer Spots $25

Join the Arabella Team for a fun shoot or workshop.  Build your portfolio and network with those in the same industry.  

Arabella does not guarantee photos or levels of photographers and models.  Our events are open to everyone and all levels and types.